Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Really, now?
February 08, 2012 | 05:46 PM

Does the Village still need a new or even improved library at this time?

At one point several years ago I agreed and help with funding. But right now, I am not so sure!

Why may you ask? I work with book publishers and printers. What will happen to printed books will evolve as quickly as the move from film cameras to digital cameras....if not quicker!

Do you get your music in a record store today? Do you rent videos at your local video store? Do you drop film off at the drug store? Probably NOT! And delivery, distribution, rental, and such of books will follow a similar path.

Color book tablets are now below $200.00. Textbooks on the iPad are at $15.00 (vs a few hundred for printed ones). And they will blend video, sound, updates, and such unparallelled by current printed books.

Does this mean that libraries are obsolete? Absolutely not! But they will require significantly less space in the future. They will almost become virtual. Maybe initially loaning e-books and digital media then being more of a cloud storage solution for such.

The village would be better served considering this. Borders resents its last building boom as the went into bankruptcy.

Are the Nook, Kindle, and iPad the solution for our future? Probably not. But bricks and mortar will be a thing of the past. Clean up the current facility, add parking as David indicates, and turn it into a coffee shop with media. Walworth could be on the cutting edge!

Oh, and sell the corner of Ridge and Devils. Us taxpayers cant take any more taxes!


Joseph D Falcone Sr.
Walworth, WI