Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Has the paper any decency?
February 09, 2012 | 01:49 PM

As a relative to one of the most effected victims, I am sincerely appalled at the Lake Geneva Regional News's LACK of discretion. Their utter disregard for this poor little girl and everything that she already has to deal with is absolutely revolting. She has to go through the legal system, tell complete strangers her entire life story on video tape AND be recorded, go to counseling, and worst of all she has lost many friends because of the lies published by LISA SEISER. She has lost friends because they dont know what is true and what is just being written in the paper to boost their revenue and "juice up" the story at hand. The details in the paper lately have been completely unnecessary. Of course the public needs to know what happens...but does all the information have to be so personal that it sounds like its coming from this girl's diary? Her father recently contacted LISA SEISER, of the regional news, and asked her to "tone down the personal aspects of the articles." A completely appropriate request by a concerned father. The victim has also contacted this inconsiderate, malicious reporter, LISA SEISER. She told the victim that she wouldn't change the way the articles were being written. SEISER claims that "the public needs to know....its our duties as reporters to put it out there." But my question is this: Is it necessary to go so in depth that this poor girl misses a day of school a week because of ridicule from her peers and can't take the pitiful looks she receives from all her other relatives and friends, is it fair her social life has been ripped to shreds and her home life is hanging by a thread? No one related to the victim will ever respect LISA SEISER or the Lake Geneva Regional News after this horrendous event has occurred and how they decided to distastefully handle it all. This woman is partially to blame for the emotional rollercoaster this, just 16 year old, girl has to go through. This woman, LISA SEISER, could have been considerate and understanding of the victim, but no. She wanted her story to make the most money and she wanted the credit for having all the juicy details that this girl is so embarrassed to have everyone in Walworth county know. Would you put a little innocent girl through this?