Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

February 10, 2012 | 06:16 AM

Kudos to our neighbor Nancy Swanson. We too have a "sidewalk to nowhere". We live in one of the villas, we share a common wall with our neighbor with vacant lots on both sides. We shoveled our half of our "sidewalk to nowhere", but our neighbors had hired a contractor to clear their half. Due to a miscommunication, their half was not done and they received an $80 bill for half of a sidewalk. Wow, $80 for clearing about 35 feet. In our subdivision alone the contractor made $400 and the village made $400. How many sidewalks in total were shoveled?
If 100 were shoveled, that is $4000 for minimal work to the contractor and $4000 to the village. Anyone want that job?

We hope our village officials will see the insanity of this policy of having to shovel "sidewalks to nowhere."

Bob and Millie McCormick
Lake Geneva