Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

February 14, 2012 | 04:54 PM

My name is Dick Gustafson and I was a resident of Lake Geneva for 40 years before moving to Delavan. My folks moved there when I was 16 years. I tell you that because I hear you may be putting a church in the vacant factory on Williams St. and tear down the olf Larry's Service station in front of it and make that a parking lot. I was deeply saddened and disturbed to hear that.
I understand to your city it's just an old, rundown gas station that's an eyesore.But to me and many others its more than that- Its a place we grew up and took our cars for service knowing that the work would be done right and at a fair price. We learned that you could be a mechanic and be honest. We learned from the oldtimers that use to hang around down there about history-not only Lake Geneva but the world. I've gone thru veterans there from World War I to the current wars. Men who lived in Lake Geneva so long ago that used to work cutting ice out of the lake to use in iceboxes. My point is you're not just putting two guys out of business you're going to make it alot harder for people who for generations have gone there. Not everbody in Lake Geneva is rich. Look around that part of the city-the people that live in those houses are what that service station is for. Besides why would you want another church in Lake Geneva?. Churchs don't pay taxes in case you forgot(I still go over to RPM when I need work done though.)
Thank You
Dick Gustafson

Dick Gustafson