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Donations-Leave In your Will
February 15, 2012 | 04:03 PM

I do fund raising for The JDRF and For most, that cannot afford to Part with thier $ after they are Retired for fear of running out of $..?

We just ask them to Leave 1% or more if can, in their Will

I would suggest ( and have done myself) to do this for The Time Is Now..

Just a Thought to pass onto others that want to help, but can't take the risk to give what They'd like to give..

And I hope someone In Lake Geneva Wins the Big Lotto! and sets up a Investment Trust for just $1 Million of it and gives 3% Yr from it to The TIME is Now.. The rest it Makes stays in it to provide taht 3% For Many Yrs to come..

For their will Always be People In Need !

Lake Geneva