Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

To: Worried in Lake Geneva
February 16, 2012 | 01:31 PM

You commented that "I have a friend who is mentally callenged and a buddy took him there just to see,well the strippers prayed on him and kept getting more and more high dollars from him to the tune of almost $4500.00 in one night !". You seem to blame the club and dancers for his giving away of $4,500.00 to the dancers. I ask why didn't you or this buddy make sure he didn't have $4,500.00 on him when they went there. Also where did this person get $4,500.00 in the first place? Where does your responsibility and this buddy come in and why would either of you take this person to a club like that if they are challenged as you say? The blame goes to both of you in the first place for taking him there and not the club or dancers.