Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

February 24, 2012 | 09:11 AM

I usually would never respond to this type of sensationalism but someone who knows the facts needs to clear the ruthless idiot that thinks they know it all. It's sad someone actually has to defend someone like Johnalee. First of all, Ray had the first house built before Johna moved into it but had a mortgage and when they married they both payed on it for close to ten years so.... No..... It wasn't Ray's house . The concept of mortgage doesn't seem to get far with you either. Johna also put a nice chunk of equity from her first house even though it was a starter house she bought and sold well so did profit nicely. I don't understand how you can trash talk somebody when you obviously know nothing! As far as an affair???????? Ray was lonnnnnnnng gone doing his own thing way before Johna ever even considered a simple date. Where do you get off commenting on something like that????? What kind of person are you? Get your facts straight or at least say your name and quit acting like a coward behind closed doors. Another small brain with a big mouth that is bored and needs a life.... At the bottom of these comments you were asked not to demean people's character yet you continue to do so without a name. To me and to many others reading this.... All you are is pathetic. I really hope you have something better to do with your time at some point in your life. Please PEOPLE, I know shocking "Teacher" headlines like this will bring out all the loonies like you who think they may deserve a place in this whole nightmare but keep to the facts and don't discredit such an amazing person. Sleep well at night.