Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

@amanda and the defenders of teachers
February 24, 2012 | 12:40 PM

1. It seems to me the problem you all have is that the newspaper pointed out this person is a teacher. How many of you people are also teachers???

2. There is an investigation. If all the good teacher wrote checks for were "medications, doctors appointments and survival needs", this would have quickly been settled. Apparently there are other transactions that need further explanation.

3. What did she expect when she kicked the guy out of the house??? Banks are for loans, not old people who might be senile. She should have never got the loan from him and certainly not on the basis of his living there "until the end of his days". I have to question her judgement.

4. It is clear what will happen. Either a plea deal or a "he said, she said" court case where a jury can decide if the checks written were for his needs or not and if not, were they payment for services or gifts, but not theft.

Oh and amanda, pointing out that some teachers and administrators live in the ritzy sections of Lake Geneva should be kept quiet. Every public employee is underpaid (wink wink). Just ask WEAC or any public employee union if its members are adequately compensated.

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