Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Take off the blinders
March 03, 2012 | 06:37 AM

Those summer weekends represent a significant portion of the economic health of the Lake Geneva business community so it is indeed critical to address the issue but it certainly seems the blinders never come off. The weekends are busiest but from May through September there are definite traffic and parking issues that MUST be addressed to keep the greater Lake Geneva area viable as a tourist and second home market. A parking deck has long been wished for but is a very expensive proposition at a low estimate of $10,000 per space to a 400 car garage would be $4 million plus and with no federal transportation funds to offset the cost it all falls to Lake Geneva (in the suburbs of Chicago the feds and the commuter railroads offset significant local cost of parking decks). With the new meters Lake Geneva should charge significantly more for any parking along Main and areas closer to the lake while making parking further north less expensive. Parking areas at local schools and churches should be utilized as needed (with a cost to park!). Lots of options but they never take the blinders off.

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