Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

TIF is not for theatre
March 07, 2012 | 01:36 PM

The magic potion known as TIF is once again being tossed around as the solution to all that woes the Friends of the Geneva Theatre. What they fail to understand is that the city has no right jumping in to the theatre business for if the theatre were viable there would be private investment jumping at it left and right. Problem is the theatre business is not a civic business so therefore it is up to you to find your benefactor and run it like the business it is. One need only look at the number of suburban Chicago theaters that too wanted to reach into the TIF cookie jar and have ended up costing taxpayers in more ways than one could ever imagine. Let private enterprise do what it does and if that means redevelopment of the theatre parcel then it is what it is but no the show does NOT go on with taxpayer funded handouts.

Wms Bay