Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Saving History
March 12, 2012 | 03:16 PM

I don't understand the thinking of people in Lake Geneva on their constant refusal to embrace their history and preserve it for future generations. Yet this is all they claim they want when new developments want to come here and teardown history. What do the people want?
There is a church wanting to renovate a building just north of there that would take its property off the tax rolls and thus push up the taxes of all in the city. Here is another part of the history of the city and most say let the private sector spend to buy it, rehab it and return it to its original state. That is all well and good. But we all know the city and its people will stand there with hands out to collect the taxes it will bring and more taxes because it will be renovated. I guess the city and people want their and eat it to as long as someone else pays for it. We need to attract more tourists and businesses to the area and more bars and restaurants are not the answer. We are flooded with them.
Is there any way to get with the owners of the theater now and come up with ways to use the theater to raise funds to buy and preserve it right now or how about a lease to own contract? There are plenty of ways to help achieve the goal. We know the banks are no help right now with lending. Why can't everyone pull together on this?