Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Still a duffer
March 20, 2012 | 01:01 PM

Despite the fact that I learned to play golf on George Williams and forged a lifelong friendship with my golf partner (our parents would drop us off and pick us up 48 years ago) its' passing and the history of the course is like when the City of Lake Geneva gave in to developers and tore down the Geneva Hotel (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright) and the historic train depot.

My golf partner and I went on to play courses that are home to the biggest events in the PGA and our love of golf began there.

I reealize that nostalgia doesn't pay the bills, but due diligence must be used in it's closing. Don't knee jerk and do what Lake Geneva has done in years past. Take a look a Hillmooor.

In this modern day depression, it's terrible to take away one of the last bargains in a gentlemen's and gentlewomen's chance to play and learn the game of golf.

I hope there's another means to support it. Obviously the university doesn't intend to do that and has its' own agenda.

It's another sign of the times and is a tragic disgrace.

Tom Connon