Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

New Editor? Good Luck!
March 23, 2012 | 06:24 AM

Oh Good, we can Break In another One! LOL

While I Enjoy your paper and keeping up on what's going on around here....

You have my Sympathy!
Best of Luck on this job!
I Don't envy the person who does it..

As for the future of "The Actual Paper" vs On Line?

Can't say, except? I can't justify spending the $ to buy it regularly, but I ck On line once a week..

I gave up buying The Chicago Tribune and Mil. J. too..

Now wether or not that is the Norm for others? Don't know.. I would assume, Catering to Local Business, getting the Advertising $ is a top Priority..

How did Wm. Hurst Do it? LOL

1 thing? I would like to see a Column by a Financial Person for Investing for Post Retirement..Maybe getting one of the Local FA Firms to do one?
Along with Alot of the other issues Retired People face around the area...

I Know! A Senior News Column!
and advertise those Business that Gives a 25% or more Senior Discount!

-How about Starbucks! 25% off on 1 day a week for Seniors?

-How about a Seniors Rate for the Parking Meters too! for A Seniors Day , once a week, like the 2nd Tues of each Month..

And can Retiree's get a Subscription Discount?

Good Luck! I dare say, you'll need it !


Retired Veteran
Lake Geneva