Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

March 24, 2012 | 12:01 PM

Many in Lake Geneva feel this new skateboard park shouldn't be because it will not pay for itself and bring revenue into the city. They say the city isn't into paying for entertainment. Well I ask this of those people. Why aren't you up in arms whenever a local orgainzation comes into the council seeking permits for functions and always asking and receiving "WAIVERS ON FEES" to hold their events? Just a few groups to mention are the Lion's club, Venetian fest, Art in the Park and so on. It is a never ending list year after year after year the same groups with the same result. Look at all the money these groups pull in and they can't afford the fees. Plus I'll guess many who belong to these groups are also the same ones complaining about the skateboard park and I'll guess they are the same ones who love their free parking and free giveaways at the local stores as well. There was another blogger sometime ago who said of homeowners who are exeriencing hard times that "If you can't pay for it you shouldn't have it". Well the same can be said then for the free parking, waiving of fees and the taking of freebies from businesses. If you can't afford them don't take or use them.

An Outsider