Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Missing the Point
March 26, 2012 | 10:58 AM

First I apologize to Mizike for the comment in their name. I put the wrong name in the box. But let me just say. OK! First those delinquents and punks as you put it are someones kids. I feel the point the other person was getting at was the fact all these groups keep getting the use of the parks for their annual events FREE!!!!! while you and others are against the younger kids the use of a skateboard park for FREE!!!!!. Before you jump down my throat about this let just say all the other venues in the city didn't just happen out of thin air. It cost each taxpayer to develop all the parks and build the Riviera. Didn't the city council vote on cutting the fees to local groups in half for the use of city property? I believe they did because they were losing revenue by all the waivers they get asked for by these groups. Revenue the tax payers have to pick up and pay for the upkeep of Library park, Flatiron park, the Riviera, Veterans park, etc. It is coming out of your pocket for that when fees get waived, It doesn't just disappear. So why is it so difficult for the people in this city to want to pay for a place where the kids can go and enjoy their sport without causing trouble in the neighborhoods? I would think everyone would be pleased to see the kids enthusiastic and involved in wanting something like this instead of just causing trouble. Instead of criticizing maybe the parents and teachers should explain and show these kids how this park is going to be paid for and just how it will effect their families financial situation. Maybe they will take care and respect it more now that they see what its costing their parents and neighbors to build this for them. Remember these are the future residents, taxpayers and voters in the community.

Local Neighbor