Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

How about Boat Slip Taxes?
March 29, 2012 | 04:42 AM

"In 2011, the Abbey Resort paid the village $325,425 in room taxes, which is up about 20 percent from last year and more than 31 percent from 2009"

Just wondering?
How much in Boat Slip Taxes were paid to the City of Fontana?

And If you Rent out your Condo or SF Home? Do you also pay Room Taxes? And Is So, How much was that?

Does The State & County and Even The City of Lake Geneva, also Collect a Camp Site Tax on campers who Go Camping at Big Foot?

Comepete With Door County? I guess so, but who wants to Drive all those Miles and Hours to go up there, from The Chicagoland Area? WE did a Few times, but Not very often..

Geneva Lake /Lake Geneva Was always our Wknd Go to place for both Camping and After Getting a Wknd sleep on..

If we had more than 1.5 day wknds, we Had upto the Eagle River Area..or Fish Creek in DC.,.but maybe only for our 1-2 wk Vacations..

How do they pay for a Boat Slip rental a Season Now? I used to pay $1,000 A Yr , Yrs ago..

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