Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

It's a shame
April 19, 2012 | 06:06 PM

Well, I think they made a Big Mistake even starting the whole Process of Building a project like this, in the 1st place..

The whole Geneva Lake Area has been in a Major Slump even before 08' and Ever since..

The Towns and Communities are All but Baron, closed up 6-8 mos of the Yr.. And things are So Slow and Streets Empty 5 days a week, it's Pitifull

and are Surrounding Towns as well..

Of course, what you expect ? When What % of the Homes are Owned by Non Residents and Are Summer Places! Closed up 6-8 mos a Yr.. and thus the business Drops accordingly..

What has Been the occupancy rates for our Current Hotels and Resorts the past 4-5 yrs? Dismal I would Guess..

and to build such a Big Project like this? Is just foolish.. It would be a Ghost Town 6-8 mos a Yr..

I know my Subdivision is and has been for yrs!