Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

April 23, 2012 | 08:23 PM

Who is this mizike guy? The guy is garbage!its crazy how nobody knows who you are. Did you ever think to go down to the city park board meetings and voice your opinions. I never seen you there! I mean,I don't know who you are or what you look like,but I've heard nothing but positive feedback at the meetings from the towns people! Trouble is made everywhere!I'd like to say that I've personally seen kids getting into trouble down at the baseball fields and basketball courts but to be honest-I can't remember the actually being occupied by enough people to cause trouble.there is always somebody at the park......ALWAYS! I can't wait until this park is done! I'm currently stationed in Hawaii working as a heavy equipment operator.i resently returned from a deployment to Iraq.i havnt been home in almost a year! I guess my wish would be to come home and give any helping hand that I could towards the construction of the a perfect world.hah.mizike,you just need to calm down and rebrandonfugett@hotmail.comalize that it must have been a good call at 8-2.take care and know I'll be done with my contract in about a year and I will be spending many many hours at this park!!!!
Hope to see you shredders soon!

Brandon Fugett
Lake Geneva