Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

April 25, 2012 | 12:33 PM

1. BBQ Brats? I thought It was about Allowing Kids oustide on the Patio on Hot Summer Days.!
2. They allowed Wal Mart to BBQ and Sell Brats the other week! under the disguise of A Fund Raiser.. They were Pretty Good! and Cheap! $2 bucks each with a Bag a Tatter Chips!

We keep allowing all these Outdoor Resturants ? Going to be like Going to a State Fair or Big Family Picnic all the time..and the Old Maxwell Street Days in Chicago will be next!

3. They going to also Sell Beer and Wine with those Brats?

More Peirs On the Lake? Sure, we need More.. and they should Stick out More too.. and are they paying any taxes on them? Bet not...

The Camp over by the Big Foot Park has some nice Boats and never see them In the water, let along used for the Kids..

Adding those New Rental Boat Piers has been real fun when the Public Boaters Come and Go on the Public Launch too..

Getting to be So many Peirs , sticking so Far out, Kinda Getting Dangerous to Go Boating in the Evenings and Lake looks alot Smaller now, doesn't it?

And I'm waiting for Those new Parking Meter/Kiosk systems to be figured out by the Tourist this Summer... Ought to be Alot to also be alot of fun..

Are those things WaterProof? & have Web Cams in them? I bet some will get upset and Throw their Beer, Cokes and Who Knows what else at them in disgust and frustration..

and be vandalized like they are in the Big Cities...

Let's hope for a Safe and Warm Summer.. Business Ought to Be Good for Getting alot of Visitors from Chicago this season, lets Treat them Like Family..We Need their $..

Just keep the Noisy Motorcycles out please.. it scares the tourist and Us Seniors..

and watch those Crosswalks Drivers! We Seniors can't see both ways at the same time and take longer to get accross with our Walking canes..


Lake Geneva