Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

May 17, 2012 | 12:56 PM

I have not observed a comment on here that said the person shot had a large knife. When did a person's body weight have anything to do with their ability to deliver deadly force? Is a 130lb person with a gun or knife less deadly because of their weight? I'm no cop but I assume they do not use lower levels of force than an aggressor. So if a person has a knife, I'd think they would want to stay a step ahead and have a gun. Makes sense to me. Also, what is a Tazor? Is that similar to a tazer. And yes, I am telling you that it is possible that the officer in this story had no other choice. You are claiming there are two sides to every story but continue to only recognize one yourself. I have not judged the deceased but am realistic enough to believe his choices may have led to the end result. I'm sure the deceased had plenty of positive moments in his life but that doesn't change facts of actions. Maybe you should practice the open mind you preach. Perhaps the young man's life ended because of his decisions and he took his own life, somebody did not "take it" for him.

Not so easily fooled