Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

It all makes sense now...
May 18, 2012 | 08:45 AM

I too have been accused of not making payments, etc. The book-keeping over there has been screwed up for a long time. Now I know where the payments went.

It's no surprise though, from the onset the creation of this entity has been flawed. Forced upon the community by uneducated folks who didn't do enough to "protect" our community from the lawyers and greedy engineering firms and construction companies.

They let Mann Bros. rape us on the roads, they skimmed on asphalt and 10 years later we have the same crappy roads we had before this project began. They allowed the the lawyers and engineers to run up the bills, without a single competent person in place to oversee the process...

Just another "I told you so"

Pell Lake