Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Meya = Union Parrot
May 21, 2012 | 06:42 AM

Talk about being brainwashed. Why is it, Meya, that when people like you spout off about the greatness of unions, your "proof" is from 75 years ago? What have your union overlords done for you lately? Are they more interested in YOU or keeping THEIR OWN POWER? Maybe we can ask some some people from heavily unionized industries like textiles or steel. Oh wait, most of those domestic companies have gone the way of the dinosaur. Thank you unions!

But please, continue to use your clueless union talking points, continue to use union bogeymen like the Koch Brothers, continue to engage in class warfare and blame the "rich". While you and the rest of your ilk are living in fantasy land, the rest of us will be here in reality.

Enough Already
Lake Geneva