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RE: Enough already RECALL WALKER
May 21, 2012 | 03:56 PM

Who owns the Wall Street journal?

So in the 1970's 4500 Steel workers were making money and spending money and our economy and industry was strong, that was during the PEAK of union membership!

Anyways Enough, I already tried to post my link but of course it wouldn't allow me too.

I read all papers and get many perspectives, and THEN connect the dots...aka critical thinking.

CEO, corporate earnings, and profits up at all time highs, employee wages and benefits all time lows, compared to those adjusted for inflation after reforms of the early turn of the 20th century, WHEN UNIONS fought for fair wages! American productivity is at an all time high, and it would be more profitable for companies to get Americans to forfeit wage and working condition concessions, and move back from over seas, so they are lobbying our legislators to relax those protections so when they come back, they keep their record profits, at our expense.

So Enough with the devaluing of Americans and it's workers. If you can't see the value in America vote for demoralizing of American workers and Walker.

I'll be voting to move this country from the mess the Republican majority had ownership of for the majority of the last 12 years.

Before then you had CLINTON, A DEMOCRAT, and guess what a balanced budget!!!!

Who got Osama Bin Laden? A Democrat, your current Commander and Chief President Obama.

Who was in charge on SEPTEMBER 11, (9 Months after the Democrat left office!)A REPUBLICAN! The largest attack on Americans since Pearl Harbor!

Who was in office for the greatest Economic downturn since the Great Depression? A Republican!

I'll be voting for ONLY Democrats, and I mean REAL Democrats. God bless America, and our right to vote!

Lake Geneva