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re: enough already RECALL WALKER
May 21, 2012 | 07:56 PM

1. CEOs are responsible for their company, and that is why they are payed more, BUT when they fail because of vision and not worker productivity, they don't deserve the reserve of funds to take from the company on the way out, leaving behind workers making the sacrifices to keep the doors open.

2. Union workers are usually skilled trades men or educated professionals, they are far from monkeys...they are the teachers in schools, men and women working heavy equipment, building roads and bridges, saving your life medically or physically protecting you. Then there are those that do the jobs no one wants to do like collecting your garbage, cleaning public toilets or making sure your water to your faucet is clean, and your sewer water is not running in the lake.

3. The 1970's highest union membership and economic growth, until Reagan came in cut taxes on the higher class and began attacking unions, STAGFLATION was coined, deficits high along with unemployment. Charisma doesn't change the history of economic facts.

4. Seriously Newt??? Clinton was the President and although Newt may have been a negotiator unlike the Republicans now, it was not his glory of a balanced budget it was a DEMOCRATIC administration.

5. Clinton was out of office for 9 months when 911 happened...Bush had 8 years to get him, he did not.

6. Look without fannie and freddie, we would have to look to the same banks to make the loans they bet against and made money on, for lending. We need them. Thanks to Dod-frank we have some protects.

7. Look up Reagans economic history on something other than a propaganda sight, high unemployment, and large deficits, Clinton had to repair.

8. So it does not matter that Walker was the county executive, and made choices that left Milwaukee with large law bills and poor economic decisions. What about that is says he balanced the budget yet asked the attorney general to use the mortgage settlement funds to pay down the budget?? Ummm...those funds are for homeowners so they can stay in their homes, why would you ask for funds to pay down something you say is payed off???

9. Illinois did better economically than WI, so did California, and if California did better considering Greece has a smaller economy than California, that means WI did worse than them too. WI was last.

I'm voting for REAL DEMOCRATS, the Republican economics have failed.

Lake Geneva