Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

re: DJW
May 22, 2012 | 12:01 PM

DJW you said Republican side with big business. Who is embracing big business for campaign funds? Obama is that's who. You know with the way this President and administration has taken this country it is like being sick. You have to take some very bad tasting medicine in order to get better and that is what is happening now at state level and other states. In order for this state and others to get better Gov Walker and other Governors are forced to give bad tasting medicine to us in order to get better.
At least under a Republican President I was working, I could eat better and had a house. Now under the Democratic President I am unemployed, eating bologna sandwiches everyday and very soon now going to be Homeless. Never while growing up has this ever happened in my family. I don't care how much money people at the top have. I JUST WANT TO WORK AND HAVE A HOME. Is that so much to want? All I want is to be able to eat and pay my bills and maybe go out once and a while. Is that to much? I guess so.

The Democrats have taken this country down the tubes in just 3 and 3/4 years. They keep talking about the rich all the time. Are they including themselves in that category as well as republicans? I don't need to rich, I just want to be able to work, pay bills and eat like I did just 4 years ago.
The Democrats keep pushing increased taxes to bring in revenue. Well the Republicans are correct by insisting the government lower spending because if you lower spending there is no need to raise taxes to pay the increased debt from spending. Also you permanently lower taxes and more people will have money to spend on product and with that more product is needed and employers will put more people back to work. More people back to work means more are paying taxes translated it means more revenue coming to Washington. The tax code needs to be overhauled. I am in favor of a flat tax for individual and business. This can be a positive in more revenue by just eliminating all the loopholes so there is no place to hide money.There that is a simple look at it. Washington loves to cloud somethings to make it more difficult for no reason. It is a common sense issue of if you don't have enough coming in you don't spend more and you cut out luxuries. Every household does it to survive. WHY CAN'T WASHINGTON?????????