Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Re: DJW and H.W.
May 22, 2012 | 03:45 PM

DJW, right on! Unions represent ALL workers, because non-union workers are able to bargain with their employer for better wages because without unions, we'd be with out pay standards.

I recently heard a story about a plumber that was asking for a raise and his boss said NO, and he said fine I'll give you two weeks and I'm going to sign up for the union, the guy got the raise. Obviously, the plumber was good, otherwise the owner would have just hired another body, but he didn't want to pay a fair wage, but the guy was able to say he could go somewhere and be treated fairly.

H.W. I'm sorry to hear you are suffering through this economic downturn, and I can say you are far from alone, but you can't blame a President that has pushed for jobs bills from Congress passed by the Democratic Senate and fail in the Republican house.

The Republicans have pushed legislation on social issues over job States and in the Federal Congress. Passing bills like the one Scott Walker recently signed that REPEALED EQUAL PAY for WOMEN and minorities Easter Weekend...please tell me how that creates jobs? Cutting a billion from education but giving over that to corporations in tax cuts and incentives DID NOT CREATE JOBS, WI was last in the Nation in job growth.

Cutting jobs, means cutting money from the pockets of consumers, which in return cuts our economic growth.

Small business is the greatest creator of jobs in our nation, BUT they have not seen the tax incentives, the corporations have had access to. Consumers support those small business, but have been unable to hire because consumers are NOT spending money they don't have.

If Walker stakes his claim and wins this election, WI will feel the impact and it will only be the beginning of a hard hit. You will continue to see job loses and economic decline.

A consumer based economy needs money in the pockets of consumers to keep running. Cutting jobs and money from consumers will lead to further decline.

I value this country, and the workers that have made it what it is.

I will be voting for Democrats, vote now and if you can't make it before Friday, go to the polls on June 5th, this is important and every vote counts.

Lake Geneva