Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

May 29, 2012 | 10:58 PM

I was there at this accident. My soon to be wife and I were heading west bound on 12. when the truck in front of us stopped and we looked ahead and saw this tragedy. I got out to see if I could help. I started talking to cheryl to do something. she had a large cut on her forehead and was able to nod and wisp per. I asked her if she was in a lot of pain or had ant triable breathing. she nodded yes. I told her 911 was called and help was coming. trying not to through up I looked up and saw two men taking William off the motorcycle we was stuck in the handle bars. A first responder at this time came over to talk to Cheryl and then I went over to see if William needed help. The men had gotten him out of the mess. But William needed to be away from all of that gasoline. So I helped move him. At this time the ambulance was there and the EMS needed help getting his modular helmet off. It wouldn't flip up because it was broken. William was unconscious and had a broken nose and didn't look good. We got him on the board and I went back to my car to wipe off the blood and oil and gas that was on my feet I was in sandals. I took some water out of the car to see if the people in the truck that got hit would like some. They said no thank you and then I left. The curiosity had struck me today to see if I could find out if they are ok. I was sad all day yesterday and today was as well. Now knowing William died I wish I new him or could of looked him in the eyes and said something peaceful to him but he was out cold. I hope cheryl makes it she had kind eyes. I don't deal with death well at all and this will haunt me for years that he died and she is in bad shape. I think people should be more self aware that we are all connected in some way. Like this road way or any road way the things you do on the road have an affect on others. Mostly the affect on the road is a bad, rarely good that is what you hear on the news. So may people are selfish and don't think of others. Even a simple hi or good day or let me get that for you or thank you. I don't know what the driver of the truck was thinking or how to have empathy for him. But I know he is scared for life after this and I think people should just leave him alone. Because we just don't know what happened. There was a hill that the motorcycle was coming up just before that intersection. Well I wish everyone well and William is with some of my family up in heaven and they will take good care of him.