Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

May 30, 2012 | 08:48 AM

You all don't know a thing about john. im one of his best friends. marissa is right. he needed help. not to die. you all think you know something and you dont. bet you feel good calling a man who died crazy and stuff? who doest that. heartless people i guess. he could have been tazerd, pepper sprayed or something. he was 130 pounds. that would have dropped him. they could have gave him the help he needed. instead they SHOT HIM TWICE. that's shooting to KILL not to protect yourself. now how about you pay your respects to his family who has to read your crap on here, talkin crap about their lost one. and stop calling him names. he didnt charge at the cops and if you knew a thing, you would know the cops obviously don't know the full story like i do. the day this happeend he called my sister for help, and then his mom called the cops for help. he needed help. not to die. Now rest in piece john. i love youuu ! now everyone can stop talking because you don't know a dang thing about him. he was an amazing young man, who was supposed to walk down the stage and get his diploma for his ged, go back to work and help his mom like he always wanted to. he was bright and had a future ahead of him. now stop talking like you know something. you dont.