Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Drink that Blue Kool Aid
June 01, 2012 | 06:01 AM

Loved to see all the blue "fisters" with their undies in a bunch.

It amuses me to see all the handwringing by the lefties over "divide and conquer". What a joke. The left has been using that tactic for years. What would you call the constant use of class warfare? What do you call the blame the "rich" strategy? What do you think it is when "da unions" and their thug members' interests are put above the regular taxpayer? It takes some nerve to be offended by whatever slight you think Governor Walker has done.

BTW, in response to the one poster whining about using the "mortgage" settlement, just a question. Were you EQUALLY as outraged when Jimmy and the D's used the tobacco settlement in the same manner? Were you equally as outraged when Jimmy and the D's stole from the road fund and the patients compensation fund? Were you equally as outraged when Jimmy and the D's simply refused to repay money owed to Minnesota? I didn't think so.

Here's what the unionistas and recall drones don't get. What you call divide and conquer, the rest of us call a necessary step in reining in the unions. What you consider "cutting spending", the rest of us consider eliminating wasteful spending. What you consider so called "illegal" activities, the rest of us see as nothing more than a political witch hunt.

I'll be real interested in reading the sob stories and pity parties from the left come Wednesday.