Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

June 01, 2012 | 07:40 AM

What is regular pay, Hendricks is a BILLIONAIRE, made from the workers in her business...she asked Scott Walker when he could make WI a RIGHT TO WORK FOR LESS STATE and what could she do to help. HE said Conquer and divide the workers of the state.

Did you catch the article this morning about 21,000. billionaires paying NOTHING in taxes...they use the resources in our country like natural, tax payer incentives (AKA MY MONEY), roads, educated and skilled workers but pay NOTHING for it.

Your going to use the excuse of last administrations, for Scott Walkers abuse of power on workers in our state. He tried to call on the national guard because so MANY citizens were exercising their right as an American to protest.

The only person on here sleeping is you, but you will have a rude awakening IF Walker retains his seat and sells off WI natural resources to his friends for next to nothing, you do remember he changed legislation in WI to allow NO Bidding and closed records...another paper recently talked about corruption in the John Doe involving bidding.

The mortgage settlement directly effects the mortgage values of all property owners in our state. Those funds were to be used to refinance people so they can keep their homes. More foreclosures = lower values! NOT PLUG A HOLE in a budget, he says doesn't even exist!

Unions are not thugs! They are your neighbors collectively standing together for ALL workers rights, so right to work for less does not devalue workers and America. Unions are what separates us from third world labor.

American manufacturing over seas pays slave wages, .31 an want that wage, along with 36 hour days, and not allowed to go home and have to live at the factory...this is fact. It would take a lot of devaluing America, but we are on our way, wages and earning are down here.

Small business can NOT survive if the middle class has no money to support them, yet they are the LARGEST creator of JOBS in America!

Use some critical thinking...the only way to build America strong is to stand together as a union for human and worker rights. If we fail, so goes the world, and they are watching!

People power is what built this country, standing together undivided we can and will again!

Vote Barrett/Mitchell JUNE 5th! Your vote counts.

Lake Geneva