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The Recall / Meya / Mizike
June 01, 2012 | 08:47 AM

Very Good post, Let me Ask this to People,We all know that Kristy Walton of Walmart and she is just one of the family is Worth 25 BILLION. Believe me I am all for Big Buisness being Successful, that is a good thing. BUT, WE ALL know that Wal-mart pay's very low wage and give's Benefit's to very few.WHY can't or Why is this Company so UNwilling to Invest in the Worker's? WHY? If all the worker's at Walmart were to speak up right now about this They would get fired, and from what I read alot of People think that is OK. Hey MIZIKE, could YOU survive being a Walmart Employee? Right now? LOOK at the plight of what People are dealing with over there and put yourself in there place, WOULD YOU put up with that? No, I dont think you would, SO do YOU think RTW is going to fix the STATE's problem's? Do you really believe that Teacher's and Public Worker's are what solely put this State in this mess? Why dont you believe that CB was Not a Fiscal Budget issue? Look at what MEYA has posted that is NOT made up. If WE citizen's do not stand up for all and I will stand up for you whether you like it or not WE and ALL deserve better. Do you think Diane Hendrick's or Kristy Walton care about YOU or YOUR family??