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RE:RECALL WALKER save our country
June 02, 2012 | 07:35 PM

Just who's rights are you referring?

Walker signed a bill repealing worker's rights, women's and minorities rights to equal pay, injury compensation, constituents right to equal and open access to government, and the list is only getting started wake up and read the laws, on WI legislation site...the facts are in the laws.

RECALL WALKER AND SAVE OUR CONSTITUTION he EVEN stated one of his first items was to take away your right to recall a lawmaker.

Let's get the facts in order to force a recall a percentage of the voters needs to sign a petition, WI doubled that, whether or not you agree with Walker's policies, HE SHOULD NOT GO AFTER YOUR RIGHT TO REMOVE AN OFFICIAL FROM OFFICE.

RECALL allows voters to remove an official from office on the basis of disagreement in policy OR WHATEVER, BUT you have to have the % support to force the GAB to declare a recall.

IMPEACHMENT is for removing an official for criminal activity and is brought by the legislature.

Lake Geneva