Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

June 02, 2012 | 07:51 PM

Look you obviously don't follow the laws being passed and being fought in the courts in our state, because you would know that parts of Act 10 were found unconstitutional!

Public sector unions fell off the rolls because of the first law that was passed, it made it almost impossible to unionize, BUT it was revised because there were parts found unconstitutional, but I guess something like that might happen when you have the FREE MARKET BUSINESS writing legislation through ALEC, those are responsibilities left to our elected officials representing the constituents of our state.

Anyhow, after the revision those unions that were pushed off the rolls were reinstated.

What do you not understand about PEOPLE AKA unions gathering to gather for a common cause? BUT It is okay for the Chamber of Commerce that is supported by tax payer money and represents business? It is really very hypocritical.

One last thing a job is NOT a service, a worker provides that service through his/her employer.

Vote for Barrett/Mitchell vote for integrity, community, and WI's future.

Lake Geneva