Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

What the Heck?
June 03, 2012 | 01:38 AM

Aye!! I thought we was talking about gettin' rid of the weeds and having a cool powerboat race? WHAT UPS WITH ALL THIS WALKER STUFF HERE??

Ya know... This power boat race could be HUGE. It could be held in conjunction with the 4th of July event that goes on at Pell Lake. It could even be held over the 3-day Memorial Day weekend next year. Build a big event, get local businesses involved (like their trying to now) and you'll start generating income in many ways to help maintain the lake in the future!

But YOU, the Pell Lake residents gotta WANT it.. YOU the resident gotta go to your town board meeting and SPEAK UP... Those Badger State Outboard racers had a race in Burlington for 35 years straight!! The same could be done at Pell Lake too.

Ok, nuff said.... -:)

Pik Silupmurt
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