Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Some way to Balance the Budget , READ
June 03, 2012 | 08:16 PM

I urge all to Go to St. Rep Mark Pocan's website sight and see how are Budget is Balanced:1. So MANY corp tax breaks Leg. Fiscal Bureau peg's a cost of Reduced Rev of 2.3 Billion!! 2. Repub's are credit Spending to push 338 Mil into future Budget's that will only cost us 89.9 Million 3. Gop Budget will raid 411 Million from various fund's. 4. 2015-2017 biennum we will lose 501.7 Million in LOST revenue due to corp givaway's !! Changes to Homestead Act and Earned Income These are to Help us oh well. 5. Claim to NOT raise Taxes 111 Million in increase in fees. this is maybe where DEER Hunter's get Juked !! 6. 438.8 Million in PROPERTY TAX INCREASE's So these are Some way's that OUR Budget was balanced.