Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

RE: Community Member
June 06, 2012 | 02:50 PM

Your comment of "The boats are extremely noisy and a lot of your racers are parking were there not suppose to be parking. It also seems like a lot of drunk toothless idiots walking around with their beer guts hanging out. Like any one wants to see that!!!!! Keep the weeds and get rid of the boats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". My response to this is if you know where the racers are suppose to park why don't you help out by volunteering to help with showing them where to park and the other part where you say keep the weeds and get rid of the boats, well shows me you have no interest in preserving your lake. Because if you let the weeds take over the lake eventually will become a swamp and property values will go down.
I don't understand why some people who live near lakes don't want to help preserve them while those of us who would love to live near or on a lake can't because of people like that. I have always wanted a small business on a lake all my life but to this point have not been able to achieve that goal and yet I hear and see all these complaints on how much it costs, the noise, the amount of people that come from people who live on lakes. I say if you don't like it MOVE.