Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Love racing at Pell Lake!
June 08, 2012 | 08:13 PM

It didn't take long for me to thoroughly become enamored with racing at Pell Lake. It's a fantastic race site, the water is almost always race-able, great pit area, close proximity to food and refreshments, sponsors and a welcoming community- there's little more a boat racer could ask for in a race site!!

I came out last week to help with the weed removal and it was awesome to see people from the community coming out and helping with the weed removal. Our club is working really hard and I was glad to see that the local people have been and continue to be there with us every step of the way.

As a 3rd generation boat racer and someone who grew up in the close-knit extended family that is the boat racing community I can attest that having races in one's home town are a boon for the community. It's a free and open attraction that brings an economic boost to local hotels, restaurants, shops and gas stations. Local organizations often use our races as fundraisers. (Ie. Lion's clubs, Jaycees, sports teams, etc) And personally, I think it's significantly more fun to watch than Nascar~ when you race on water you never race on the same track twice!

Big thanks to Bloomfield and Pell Lake for all your support. We hope you'll enjoy having the races just as much as we'll enjoy being there!

Rachel Warnock