Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Wont work
June 20, 2012 | 08:48 AM

Besides all the other Problems of mixing The Old with the Young?

Imagine The EMT's/Ambulances comming into the area very often? At all Times of the Day and Nite

and Trying to Sneak in Senior Public Housing? For the Poor ?

And how about Having to add More Public Transportation? and Alot More Handicapped Access as well?

and do you really think Seniors Spend as Much as the Younger people?

Are the Resturants going to have Early Bird Lunches and Dinners at a Discount? and how about just a Standare 5% Discount for those Seniors, that Got the age lowered to age 55 now? is 55-62 really a Senior? Tell that to Your Wife who is 56..

I pity a Waiter/Waitress that Offers a Senior Dicount to a Woman who is only 50...

and How come? Gas is *.11 cents a Gallon less west of Lake Geneva? From Como to Wms Bay- Fontana to Delevan...

LG ave $3.59 vs $3.48