Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Justified shooting in Lyons
July 05, 2012 | 08:48 AM

No happy ending. A mother lost her son, how aweful. Regardless of the long or short term mental ilness he may have suffered. My heart goes out to her and the pain she has endured. I pray she finds comfort knowing he has found peace.
My thoughts also go to the deputy who had to make that difficult decision that night. If anyone thinks that had to be easy, I'd suggest they think again. We forget many of those officers have families. Those loved ones spend every day with the possibility of losing their mother,father, husband, wife, son or daughter due to the career they have chosen in law enforcement. Thank God they chose it! I'm grateful, and in awe that there are men and women who do choose to put their lives on the line for you and I. No I'm not the wife or mother of a deputy or officer, I am the proud mother of a 911 dispatcher who speaks openly and honestly about the dangers these officers are put in every day and how they step up to meet them head on fully aware of what the results may be to protect you and I. And, how the pride in that makes her love her job, the best and worst of it. Thank you, thank you, thank every one of you. From a citizen who's life is safer with you on the job.

Linda Tutino