Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

What do people want?
July 05, 2012 | 12:04 PM

I like when all these people who comment that there was no need to shoot this individual, that the police are just trigger happy. I hear or read it every time. My question to them is. How do you know what happened were you there to see it all unfold? If so why couldn't you stop this individual?
Why are people so against police officers in this country? When an officer does something they are ridiculed for it and if an officer doesn't do something they are ridiculed as well. Every time I watch the news and someone is shot by an officer the person is always made out to be a choir boy, boy scout, would never hurt anyone and so on. They shot him for no good reason. Then why are the police called if nothing wrong is happening and who used the gun or knifes?