Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Big Government in Fontana
July 23, 2012 | 11:16 AM

I saw your article and its mention of hospitality. While I have always had a great time in the city of Lake Geneva I made the mistake of visiting Fontana Beach yesterday.

Why you might ask?

Well lets just say I got a $15 dollar parking ticket for being 7 minutes late to my car after a faulty beach door lock cost my son and I 15 minutes trying to free ourselves. Maybe I was overly optimistic that someone would listen and take a look at the door so I could have the ticket voided.

Ticket writer: Sorry I can't do anything.
Lady and fontana beach entrance: You'll have to take it to the judge.
Ticket writer: Proceeds to tell Municipal lady I was rude so no one to help there.

Would you be upset if no one cares to validate a door that could trap a guest in a changing room stall? Seems to me the Fontana beach and municipal office are going to drive guests away if they are as friendly and helpful as the ones I encountered. While it sounds like this is a made up story it is the complete truth.

Mike scherer
Arlington Heights