Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

July 29, 2012 | 09:35 PM

What a lovely idea and purpose... I've been debating investing in real estate in Geneva & this would definitely sway me towards doing so. Upon visiting last I was sorely disappointed to see the Riveria Ball Room not being utilized to its full potential. In the old days there were dances,Quilt shows etc. Also when taking the boat tour around the Lake... I was saddened to see some of the charming old estates had been lost or demolished. The old Charm, Culture & Ambiance seem to be slipping away. Gone the way of the coin op parking meters. These are just some of the Charms that keep people coming back & wanting to invest in the area. The Rialto in Joliet is an example of old time charm & reinvention. Offer more opps for entertainment & perhaps you will get those out of staters to spend more time & money with you. They are coming for the warmth, & escape into the quaint, relaxing charms of old style geneva ( they get all the modern hub but where they live). Utilize & gingerly remake the old buildings....People are hungry for a modern but old style way of life. Ps ..whatever happened to the Olympic sized pool over at George Williams/aurora univ? Northwestern Military & Naval Academy. that could have made a marvelous Center for the Arts...with those grounds. the Benifits,Balls,Theatre & Events productions could have truly enriched the whole neighboring communities...instead of just a few pockets. Foresight my friends. Choose wisely or Geneva will just be another fading small town with nothing special to offer.

Foresight with a panache for the golden olden ti