Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

August 01, 2012 | 10:18 AM

Well it looks like Hank Sibbing is a seer. He can predict the future. Too bad the city didn't start acting on this in 2007 when Hank was proposing this idea. At least Hank's idea would generate revenue and RE tax money, whereas a park and bike trail would not. And the same argument against a golf course, "I don't play golf, why should I pay for it?" can now be applied to a park and bike trails, " I don't use the park and I don't own a bike so why should I pay for it?". It would be a maintenance expense, I'm sorry but saying it would not require a lot of maintenance does not sound feasable. How much does it cost to maintain 66 acres? Those of you who own some land can figure it out. And looking at the land back there, there is a 22 acre parcel that paid $11,190 in RE taxes last year. Would the city be losing $33,000 a year in tax revenue for the 66 acres? Bring back Hank!!! He could see the future.

Wes Toton
Lake Geneva