Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Complete failure of our Justice system
August 02, 2012 | 07:56 PM

As a mom, I'm at a loss. How does a mother do such things to her own children? Prior to that, how does the system fail these children who are living in squaller and being neglected? And now that they are gone, this Judge's idea of a proper sentencing consists of probation? Her actions caused the death of two children. By definition, it's murder whether it was intentional or not. And the example this judge just set was that you can neglect your children, you can drown your children, and then you get to walk away with probation? I believe this judge needs to be removed from the bench, or at least be ordered to undergo a competency exam. This lady didn't get punished for her crime, she was given an opportunity to neglect/kill more children. There are absolutely no excuses for a decision this poor.

Denton, TX