Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

Reddy is an embarrassment to our justice system.
August 02, 2012 | 09:06 PM

This same judge was ready to sentence a young woman to jail for 6 months, simply because she did not have the money to pay some bills from a divorce. Then, a week later, hands down this sentence to a woman who has caused the death of two beautiful babies by blatant neglect. Her "woeful" plea fell short in my opinion. She uttered some words about it being her fault for staying in an unhealthy relationship. How is living in a pig sty and allowing your children to drown the fault of your relationship? Her utterance of those words should have shown the judge just how bogus her "plea" was. Why does she get to leave each day and enter a work place, where she can engage in acts such as those of a free person whom has committed no crime? It's too bad she didn't have a joint in her pocket, that would have gotten her some real jail time.
With people like her, and all the sex offenders who are out on work release, why bother with jail sentencing at all? How dare this judge allow her this privilege.
As for the state reps writing this letter.... KUDOS! I don't care what party ties you have. (although they were of course spelled out for us) THANK YOU for not letting this go under the rug. THANK YOU for not accepting the sentence this neglectful judge has laid out. PLEASE do all you can to get him off the Walworth County Circuit Court. Just because someone made the bad call of allowing him to be a judge, doesn't mean we should allow him to continue.
PAY ATTENTION WALWORTH COUNTY! This man is a heck of a lot more criminal than the young lady who could not pay the bills from her divorce. You know darn well if these children had been related to him in any way, that girl would be in a prison cell as I type this.

Lake Geneva