Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

West end pier
August 05, 2012 | 08:07 PM

Shame on the city fathers for supporting bullies over women who use the west end pier to train for events such as the one held today, Swim4Freedom, supporting Special Ops Troops. We trained for this event by entering at the west end, library park, with Ms. Beverly Leonard, whose time and talent benefits your community every day. Dogs and people alike should be allowed to recreate in peace. Shame on bullies like these two men who approach kayak users with aggressive tactics and ignorance. This is a lake for all to share. If Lake Geneva can't promote equality of opportunity then come to Fontana where people are friendly and considerate and community is the name of the game.
Sincerely yours,
Kiki Day
Fontana Resident
Former Linn Resident

Kiki Day