Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

August 09, 2012 | 12:20 AM

As a police officer I have received training in dealing with people with mental illness. It was part of the academy, and I have had a few additional classes on it as yes, training is given to officers to handle those with mental illness. It is important to note that we only know if a person is mentally ill if we are told or if it is obvious. We are not trained to diagnose mental illness.

You saw that one of his goals was to enroll in NA and AA. That would scream to me that he was using drugs as well. Whether they were in his system at the time or not, it would not matter. If he was suffering from withdrawls and drunk, that would offer a reasonable explanation for his behavior.

Last point, and I'll stop: terrorists used box cutters to hijack planes and crash them into buildings, killing thousands. The blade on a box cutter is an inch long. You don't think a three-four inch blade would hurt? We are trained to meet deadly force with deadly force. Be careful when reading articles like this. We only see one side. You will not see the department's side until court proceedings if it goes that far.