Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

August 09, 2012 | 10:37 AM

Look, the fact is, Lake Geneva has a hot dog stand, whether it is run by Frank or an American legion member, WHO's not a vacant building!
If the city has a problem with it, they will take appropriate action.

As far as the hot dogs bathing in the lake, look the law is the law and hopefully you catch a warning. Although I understand both sides of the issue, maybe Sarah can introduce a plan for an area where dogs could just jump in and swim.

With all the easy technology at our finger tips, it's a wonder you can't get an app counter on an I-phone that could track the beach goers, then the data can be complied for use tables relating to temperature and dates...1 hit per adult paid and 1 hit per child paid. Still use the cash box or whatever it was that they were using to store the money.

Chicagostyle Hotdogs