Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

John Brown should be alive
August 10, 2012 | 09:41 AM

PHB is right. It's not right to criticize the mother in her time of need. I can't imagine the pain of losing a child, especially one so young. None of us are perfect.
If the cops truly feel they did what they were trained to do, then the system is messed up. A mother's son shouldn't be killed when she calls and asks the police for HELP. I thought the police are there to protect us, not kill us.
Regardless of how they're trained, couldn't he have been shot in the arm to disarm the knife or tased, pepper sprayed, etc. It's just a sad situation, and it is terrible a troubled young boy who needed help had to die.
And to those saying stuff like the mother couldn't "handle" her son or he "brought a knife to a gun fight," you are oozing ignorance. You are completely insensitive, evil and pathetic, and it's not about that.
I didn't know the public has to have "gun fights" with police. That makes it sound like they're all out to get us.
And you obviously don't know anything about the mother and son's relationship, none of us do, so just shut up.
Why pour salt on the wound? It doesn't make you look tougher.