Source: Lake Geneva Regional News

August 10, 2012 | 04:20 PM

The article states that two shots were fired center mass. That is exactly how police are trained. We fire "committed pairs" or "double-taps" when we have to shoot. We never fire single shots.

The taser, baton, pepper spray are all intermediate weapons. On the use of force scale, they are a step lower than a knife, which is considered deadly force. We are trained to meet deadly force with deadly force. We are also taught to use deadly force when faced with an intermediate weapon.

Officers are faced daily with split second decisions that will be criticized for years by people with much less experience and much more time to think about it. How much time do you think the officer had to pull his weapon and fire on a person charging him with a knife? In that scenario, there is only two things an officer can do. Stop the threat or become a victim.